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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions by individuals contacting our offices. If your question is not listed below please contact us.

When Does The Board of Supervisors Meet?

Board meetings are regularly scheduled each Tuesday. Please refer to our Board Meeting Schedule for specific dates. A description of the meeting format is available on this website and the agenda is published online each week.

Where Does The Board of Supervisors Meet?

Board meetings are held in the Supervisor’s Chambers located at the County Administration Building.


Supervisor’s Chambers
Sonoma County Administration Building
575 Administration Drive, Room 102 A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Public Transit Directions to the County Administration Center

Where Do I Find The Board Meeting Agenda?

The agenda is posted online approximately one week prior to the upcoming meeting. If there are any addendums to the published description these are also posted, usually on the Friday preceding the meeting. A printed copy of the agenda and any addendums are also posted outside the Supervisor’s Chambers, located at 575 Administration Drive, Room 100A, in Santa Rosa.

Who Represents Me On The Board of Supervisors?

The Board of Supervisors is comprised of five members, each representing a specific constituency within the county. To find out which Board member represents your community, start by reviewing the district lookup service. If you need further clarification, please contact the Office of the Registrar of Voters at (707) 565-6800 and they will assist you.

How Do I Contact A Board Member?

You can click the link titled "Contact Us" on this website to send a message to the Board of Supervisors. Additionally, each district website contains a "Contact Us" page to send a message directly to your Supervisor.

Who / What is Eligible for a Fee Waiver or Board Sponsorship?

The Board may, at their sole discretion, approve or disapprove a fee waiver/board sponsorship request. Fee waivers/board sponsorships may only be granted to Community Based Organizations, Non-Profits that provide a direct service that is similar to or complementary to a key county policy goal or supports a service that the county typically provides. Examples include: emergency or economic assistance or basic sustenance needs (emergency food, shelter, etc.). Governmental agencies that do not receive tax funding and can demonstrate an inability to pay a required county fee are eligible for a fee waiver/board sponsorship.

County departments, other Governmental Agencies, unless they can demonstrate an inability to pay the county fee, and fund raising events where attendees pay a fee for admission to the event or in the case of festivals where vendors pay to participate in the event are not eligible.

How are Fee Waivers/Board Sponsorships funded?

County fees are established to pay for the cost of a service provided by a county departments. When the Board waives a fee or sponsors an event, the cost of providing the service is paid for by the County General Fund, and reduces the General Fund Contingency balance.

How Do I Request a Fee Waiver?

Please read the Fee Waiver Policy (PDF: 126 kB) which was adopted by the Board on June 2, 2009. If your request is consistent with the policy, please complete and submit a Fee Waiver/Board Sponsorship Request Form (PDF: 893 kB). Your request form must be complete, signed, and all required documentation must be attached. Please submit your completed request form to the appropriate Board Member Office.

How is my Request Approved?

Individual Board Members may forward Fee Waiver/Board Sponsorship requests to the entire Board of Supervisors for their consideration. Fee waiver/Board Sponsorships must be approved by the full Board to be granted. If granted, fees paid will be reimbursed to the requesting Community Based Organization, Non-Profit, or Governmental Agency. Please allow a minimum of 1 month to process requests for Board approval.

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