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Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Board of Supervisor's Chambers
575 Administration Drive
Room 102A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-2823

Meeting Agenda

The agenda is divided into two sections:

1. Consent Calendar

These matters include routine financial and administrative actions, they are usually approved by a single majority vote. Any Board Member may remove an item from the Consent Calendar and place it on the Regular Calendar for discussion.

2. Regular Calendar

These items include significant and administrative actions of special interest and are classified by program area. The regular calendar also includes "Set Matters," which are noticed hearings, work sessions and public hearings.


If urgent matters arise after the publication of the regular agenda, there will be an addendum.

Disabled Accommodation

If you have a disability which requires an accommodation, an alternative format, or requires another person to assist you while attending this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (707) 565-2241, as soon as possible to ensure arrangements for accommodation.

Audience Participation

Any member of the audience desiring to address the Board on a matter on the agenda, please walk to the podium. After receiving recognition from the Chair: state your name and make your comments.

In order that all interested parties have an opportunity to speak, please be brief and limit your comments to the subject under discussion. Each person is usually granted 3 minutes to speak; time limitations are at the discretion of the Chair.