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Historical Records Commission


The Historical Records Commission promotes the preservation of historical records. For more information visit:


Board of Supervisors: Resolution of Intention #64618; 09/25/79 and 65011; 12/04/79


Make recommendations for records management program and create an informational network; identify preservation of additional governmental business, professional and private records historically significant; encourage local participation; establish liaison with (Sonoma County) Landmarks Commission; Historical Genealogical Society; seek outside funding.


Four years.


Deva Proto, Chief Deputy Clerk-Recorder, 707-565-3246,

Meeting Schedule

Second Tuesday of the month - 5:15 p.m. - Sonoma County Library.

Membership Composition

Five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors (not by District), consisting of five voting members drawn from the following areas: county government, library services, academics, community history, genealogical research, and business.

5 Members
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
General MembersAnthony HoskinsSumm Act #29, 2/25/20144/5/2018
General MembersDaniel MarkwynSumm Act #29, 2/25/20143/1/2018
General MembersEeve LewisSumm Act #29, 2/25/20143/1/2018
General MembersEric StanleySumm Act #28, 4/11/20114/11/2015
General MembersStuart RighterReso 13-0027, 1/20/20134/11/2015

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